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Unlimited Quality and Service 

To become a plastics supplier of choice, you can’t just talk about your commitment to making quality products and providing the best possible customer service; you need to put it in writing. At Plastics Unlimited, we do. Because of this written commitment to “Unlimited Quality and Service”, we’ve become a long-time supplier to leading brands with the most challenging demands.

Investment in the latest technology of Measurement and Quality Control

We invested in the latest equipment and capabilities that allow for a precise manufacturing process. Besides investing in our manufacturing equipment, we also invest in the latest equipment needed to perform quality verifications. We use state-of-the-art 3D scanning measuring technologies that are extremely accurate. 


When you choose Plastics Unlimited, you are choosing a manufacturer that is AS9100D / ISO 9001:2015 Certified. AS9100 is a certification for aerospace quality management. In the aerospace and defense industry, safety, reliability, and quality are paramount. This applies to manufacturers and suppliers in the field of development as well as in production and maintenance. Comprehensive quality management along the entire supply chain is, therefore, urgently required.

Customers, manufacturers, and aviation authorities demand exceptional performance. As a result, the proven quality management standard ISO 9001:2015 has been modified by industry experts into the sector-specific AS9100 standard. Aerospace organizations are certified to AS9100, documenting their commitment to the best possible quality, safety, and customer satisfaction. Certified companies are also included in the international online database IAQG (OASIS database). Well-known producers in the industry now even regard certification of suppliers in accordance with AS9100 as a prerequisite for joint cooperation. By being certified to the quality management system AS9100, we build trust with our customers and demonstrate reliability and quality. AS9100 is one of the highest quality standards for a plastic manufacturer to achieve and maintain. This sets Plastics Unlimited apart from our competition. 

Buy More than Just Plastic Parts

When you choose us, you aren’t just buying plastic parts; you’re choosing an approved supplier for many major brands. Next, you’re choosing the confidence, performance, and consistency that comes with over a quarter century of unparalleled plastics experience. Lastly, you’re choosing a company that grew from humble beginnings with a single thermoforming machine in a shed in Iowa to the major player operating in a state-of-the-art facility that we are today.

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