Combining Plastics and Composites for Class-A Parts With Less Tools

Grain tank extension panel made with our patented TEC process which can incorporate steel brackets and foam for structure.

Revolutionize Your FRP Production with Plastics Unlimited’s TEC (Tooless Engineered Composite)® Process.

Are you tired of the lengthy and complex production process of Fiber Reinforced Parts (FRP)? Do you want to enhance the performance and profitability of your production? Look no further than Plastics Unlimited’s exclusive TEC (Tooless Engineered Composite)®.

TEC (Tooless Engineered Composite)® allows you to cut the production process of FRP from multiple steps to one giant step. This means you can achieve the same strength of FRP in just one step, and compare the production rate of 2 parts per day to an astounding 2 parts per hour! Plus, with TEC (Tooless Engineered Composite)®, you can view the Class-A surface without the need for gel coat and tool release steps, delivering smooth or textured UV-resistant surfaces that retain remarkable durability.

But what sets TEC (Tooless Engineered Composite)® apart from other production processes, like injection molding? TEC (Tooless Engineered Composite)® patented technology delivers more durable parts, increasing your profitability as a direct result.

Plastics Unlimited’s TEC (Tooless Engineered Composite)® process has been trusted by elite performers like John Deere, Bobcat, Gomaco, and Ditch Witch, as well as customers in the electrical, medical, mass transit, and aerospace industries. TEC (Tooless Engineered Composite)® is lighter and stronger than steel, thanks to the use of plastic, resin, and glass fiber all in one thermoform process.

Say goodbye to the lengthy and complex production process of FRP and hello to the revolutionary TEC (Tooless Engineered Composite)® process by Plastics Unlimited. Empower your production needs with a huge vertical leap and experience the benefits of TEC (Tooless Engineered Composite)® for yourself.

Ready to learn more about TEC (Tooless Engineered Composite)®? Check out this Composites World article for further information.

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