Plastics Unlimited Unveils 30,000-Square-Foot Facility Expansion

Plastics Unlimited, an industry leader in high-volume plastic and composite product manufacturing, announces the successful completion of its 30,000-square-foot facility expansion in March 2023.

The expansion brings the company’s total manufacturing space to 130,000 square feet.

To support the expanded operation, Plastics Unlimited has increased its workforce from 100 to 140 employees, and the company expects to see further growth in both order volume and staffing.

Additionally, the company has added four new robots, extra assembly space, three new thermoformers, and more warehouse capacity for raw materials, work-in-progress (WIP), and finished goods.

“This milestone marks a significant step forward for our company,” said Dakota Kieffer, Co-Owner. “By enhancing our facility’s size, we have both increased our immediate capacity for our current customers and paved the way for future growth.”

“The completion of our facility expansion represents an exciting new chapter for Plastics Unlimited,” said Travis Kieffer, Co-Owner. “With additional space, state-of-the-art equipment, and well-qualified staff, we can continue to innovate on an even larger scale, all while serving our customers with the highest quality products and services.”

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