Reaping the Benefits: Composites Use Grows in Agricultural Equipment

Grain tank extensions, roof, and front facia shown that Plastics Unlimited produces.

Revolutionizing the World of Ag Equipment with Plastics Unlimited Composites

As a leading manufacturer of agricultural equipment parts, Plastics Unlimited is fully engaged in the plastic products manufacturing industry. Having recognized the potential for exponential growth in this field, we have been groundbreakers in the transition from metals to composites. In fact, we have led the way!

Real growth in agriculture is evident in many ways. For example, the agricultural equipment sector is the fastest-growing segment in transportation production. From combines and sprayers to riding lawn mowers, bailers, and cuts, to autonomous tractors, the trend is clear. It’s an exciting time in the ag industry that will affect every man, woman, and child on earth.

While the projected use of similar parts in cars and trucks is ten years or so, their agricultural counterpart expects an impressive 60 years, with very little time spent in a “garage.” These vehicles are exposed to the elements, so uptime is crucial.

This new direction is driven by both the current and projected trends in global farming. Clearly, farm equipment plays a crucial role in feeding the world, and it’s imperative that our composites deliver stronger ag parts faster, at a lower cost, with performance considered right down to their weight on the ground. Lighter equipment requires the benefits that Plastics Unlimited composites bring to the table.

Appearance, fit, and finish are precision areas where thermoforming composites meet the high expectations of the ag industry. Consistency is key, and variable textures, colors, branding elements, and higher UV-stability make our composites extremely desirable.

Greening in ag composites is expected, and we have achieved the perfect cycle of the equipment dramatically energizing corn and soy crop yields, with a percentage of both being redirected to the production of unsaturated polyester resins. In turn, they become primary components in thermoforming polymers. Our green solutions outshine petroleum-based SMC’s in every way, satisfying our relentless pursuit of “Sustainability.”

Plastics Unlimited, a Tier-1 molder, opens this door with Tool-less Engineered Composites (TEC). Our patented technology blends the high aesthetics and durability of thermoplastics with the strength, toughness, and dimensional stability of composites to produce a structure with a Class A surface and a B-side contributing a high stiffness and strength-to-weight ratio.

We have expanded our efforts to meet the challenges of a rapidly growing population. Our UV-stabilized, corrosion-resistant parts are revolutionizing the world of ag equipment. The quickest path to increased productivity and profitability is a straight line, from Plastics Unlimited to sustainable equipment that feeds the planet.

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