Our Awards

Recognition for past accomplishments is gratifying and here’s why it actually means something. We didn’t strive for the awards. They came because we are uncompromising in the goals we set for client satisfaction.

The awards we’ve received are the industry telling us we got it right.


  • Thermoforming Quarterly (Fourth Quarter 2005, Volume 24, Number 4)
  • Iowa Venture Award (News Article)
  • Plastics News
  • Reinforced Plastics
  • Composites World


  • 2005 Society of Plastics Engineers: (Thermoforming Division) Parts Competition – First Place
  • 2005 ACMA Process Innovation Award – First Place
  • 2005 Iowa Venture Award
  • 2008 Society of Plastics Engineers: (Thermoforming Division) Bronze Medal
  • 2009 The Renew Rural Iowa Entrepreneur Award
  • 2013 ACMA Composites Sustainability Award
  • 2013 John Deere Achieving Excellence Award