What Thermoforming Is

Thermoforming plastic products is a manufacturing process where we heat a plastic sheet until it is a pliable forming temperature. We then form it to a specific shape on a mold and trim it to create a usable product.

Benefits of Thermoforming

Low-Level Forming Pressure Means Lower Cost Tooling

Thermoforming requires a relatively low level of forming pressure. This means that the tooling can be constructed at a fraction of the cost of injection molding tooling.

Faster Production Time and Turnaround than Other Plastic Processes

Thermoformed parts can be produced in a very short time frame compared to other plastic processes. For example, you can expect faster production turnaround for large volume runs compared to rotationally molded or fiberglass-reinforced plastic processes. Quick tooling turnaround and faster production runs deliver quicker time to market.

Benefits of Thermoforming with Plastics Unlimited

  • Several forming methods
    • Vacuum
    • Pressure
    • Twin Sheet
  • Multiple mold material types
    • Renboard
    • Ceramic
    • Wood
    • Aluminum
    • 3D Printed
  • Range of material gauge: “.040” to “.400+’‘
  • Variety of materials formed
    • ABS
    • Acrylic
    • HDPE
    • High Heat Blends
    • HIPS
    • HMWPE
    • Kydex
    • PETG
    • Polycarbonate
    • Polyethene
    • PVC
    • Soft Touch Thermoplastics
    • Styrene
    • TPO

Experienced Staff for Your Application

Our experienced staff will help you find a solution that works best for each application. We take the time to make sure we completely understand your needs. We do this to provide you with the best materials and processes. Our comprehensive due diligence ensures that we will make you the best possible thermoformed products for your application.

Different Size Machinery for Small and Large Parts

We have different sizes and types of thermoformers that allow us to do everything from a few small parts per month to thousands of parts per month, as large as 8’ x 12’.

Available Machine Sheet Sizes

  • (1) Single station 5’ x 8’
  • (1) Double Ender 8’ x 11’
  • (1) Three Station Rotary 5’ x 10’
  • (1) Three Station Rotary 8’ x 12’
  • (1) Three Station Twin Sheet/Pressure Forming Rotary 5’ x 9’
  • (2) Three Station Rotary 4’ x 8’

Over a Quarter Century of Know-How

Plastics Unlimited started as a thermoforming company over a quarter of a century ago. We continue to learn and grow as a leading thermoformer every day.

Secondary Operations and Assembly

Plastics Unlimited is a leader in many different types of value-added assembly. This includes gluing, adding brackets, screens, plates for mounting hardware, stickers and logos, rivets, rivnuts, windows, VHB tape, and much more. We can also glue together and combine multiple parts made from plastic. This allows for many different benefits, such as added strength, the ability to add hidden hardware, and much more.

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