What Composites Are

Composites are the result of combining material technologies. Although many combinations of materials can produce composites, Plastics Unlimited focuses on fibers, primarily fiberglass and carbon fiber, that we combine with a resin. Some of the resins we currently use are polyester, vinyl ester, urethane, and epoxies.

TEC (Tooless Engineered Composite)®: Our Patented Process

Along with basic composites manufacturing, we have developed and patented an industry-changing process called TEC (Tooless Engineered Composite)®. This process combines the speed of thermoforming with the strength and durability of composites.

The Simple TEC (Tooless Engineered Composite)® Equation

Thermoforming (thermoformed plastic shell) + composites (fiberglass reinforcement for more overall strength) = TEC (Tooless Engineered Composite)®. Learn the details about our TEC (Tooless Engineered Composite)® manufacturing process.

Why You Need Composites

Composite parts are strong, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and dimensionally stable. These products can be used in a variety of applications, such as recreational, industrial, agricultural, and medical.

Additional Benefits of Composites

  • Lower tooling costs
  • By using different resin types and glass layups, we can engineer exactly what you need.
  • Tremendous strength-to-weight ratios and design flexibility make composites ideal as structural components.
  • When thermoformed products are combined with composite technology, the result is a Class A smooth or textured finish. Choose between solid color or clear over metallic, chrome, wood pattern, camo, or even carbon mesh pattern.

Benefits of TEC (Tooless Engineered Composite)® Products

  • Higher quality finish
  • Class “A” type finish is possible
  • Chip/crack resistant
  • Able to buff out minor damage
  • Fade-resistant – UV inhibitors added
  • Wider variety of material patterns and colors
  • Able to use various types of thermoformed sheet
  • Lower tooling cost
  • Thermoformed shell becomes tooling
  • A fraction of the cost for SMC or RTM tooling
  • Shorter cycle times – able to produce high quantities
  • No waiting for part to care to free up mold tool
  • Better strength/weight ratio
  • Close mold process with little to no VOC emissions
  • Green solutions

Used in High-End Applications

High-strength, lightweight, premium composite materials such as carbon fiber and epoxies have been used for aerospace, high-performance sporting goods, performance cars, and other high-end applications for many years.

Lowering the Cost of Premium Composites

Plastics Unlimited is helping to bring down the cost of premium composites like carbon fiber. By implementing new resin infusion and out-of-autoclave technology, more industrial, agricultural, and lower-cost applications are discovering the value of carbon composites.

Benefits of Choosing Plastics Unlimited for Composites

Experienced Staff for Your Application

Our experienced staff will help you find a solution that will work best for each individual application. We take the time to make sure we completely understand your needs. We do this so we can provide you with the best materials and processes. Our comprehensive due diligence ensures that we will make you the best possible composite products for your application.

Over a Quarter Century of Know-How

Plastics Unlimited started as a thermoforming company over a quarter of a century ago. We’ve evolved into a composites company, as well, and we continue to learn and grow as a leading plastics manufacturer every day.

Helping with All Your Composites Needs

If strong, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and dimensionally stable plastic parts are on your purchasing list, contact us today to find out how we can help with all of your company’s composites needs.

Secondary Operations and Assembly

Plastics Unlimited is a leader in many different types of value-added assembly. This includes gluing, adding brackets, screens, plates for mounting hardware, stickers and logos, rivets, rivnuts, windows, VHB tape, and much more. We can also glue together and combine multiple parts made from plastic. This allows for many different benefits, such as added strength, the ability to add hidden hardware, and much more.

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