Urethane Molding

What Urethane Molding Is

Cast polyurethanes are produced by mixing two liquid components, polyol and isocyanate. After they are mixed at a specific ratio, they are poured into a mold. The mixture will cure and become hard. After it is cured, it can be removed from the tooling. Polyurethane can be made in a variety of densities and durameters by varying the isocyanate, polyol, or additives.

Why You Need It

Urethane-molded parts can take abuse and offer excellent physical properties, such as being non-abrasive, resistant to weathering, and easily moldable into an array of shapes, colors, and sizes. These products can be used in a variety of applications, such as recreational, industrial, agricultural, and medical.

Additional Benefits of Polyurethane Products

  • Shore hardness values of 25A to 80D
  • Great alternative to low-quantity injection molding
  • Multiple custom and OEM components, such as:
    • Inserts
    • Load bars
    • Handles
    • Paint masking devices
    • A variety of returnable packaging and racking products
    • Protective caps, wear pads, and bumpers

Benefits of Choosing Plastics Unlimited for Urethane

Experienced Staff for Your Application

Our experienced staff will help you find a solution that will work the best for each individual application. We take the time to make sure we completely understand your needs. We do this so we can provide you with the best materials and processes. Our comprehensive due diligence ensures that we will make you the best possible polyurethane products for your application.

Over a Quarter Century of Know-How

Plastics Unlimited started as a thermoforming company over a quarter of a century ago. We’ve evolved into a urethane molding company, as well, and we continue to learn and grow as a leading plastics manufacturer every day.

Helping with All Your Polyurethane Needs

If you need non-abrasive, weather-resistant, and easily moldable parts for your application, contact us today to find out how we can help with all of your company’s polyurethane needs.

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